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Simonis Produces the Most Colors and Styles of Premium Worsted Billiard Cloth

Simonis produces a wide range of colors to suit your personal preferences. Please note that colors displayed on this page will vary from monitor to monitor. For accurate color matching, please request physical samples.

  • Please note: If you know the range of colors you are interested in, please request physical samples of these colors rather than a swatch folder. We can provide larger pieces for you in this form. 

✓  Simonis is the only textile mill in the world dedicated to producing cloth for cue-sports and all Simonis pool and carom cloths use worsted wool construction, making them very strong and very durable while maintaining the best possible playing surface. 

 Why worsted construction for pool? 

  • Decades ago, worsted cloth was found to be a superior playing surface for pool and carom. The smooth, flat surface of Simonis worsted cloths do not "shed" (release random short fibers from the weave) or "pill" (the bunching of the short fibers on the play surface). 
  • Shedding and pilling can also lead to grooves or tracks forming in the cloth, negatively impacting play because the roll of the ball is affected by these problems. 
  • Most of the world has changed to worsted cloths for the superior characteristics of accuracy, consistency and durability, but sub-standard woolens or "felts" are still commonly available in the U.S. market, usually as the basic cloth that "comes with the table". 
  • So be sure to ask for Simonis cloth. A small investment now will bring years of better play, longer life, and increased enjoyment!

How do I keep my cloth looking better and playing better longer?

  • Keep your Simonis cloth playing and looking better longer with the new Simonis X-1® chalk dust removal tool!! More info...


Simonis also produces different grades of billiard cloth with charactieristics tailored to various billiard games.

➜ Simonis 760® - The Original Worsted Blend

  • Combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear.
  • Nap-free...will not pill, fluff or shed.
  • Available in 66" and 78" widths.
  • High-Speed play for Bank Pool, Straight Pool and One-Pocket
  • Available in 15 colors: Simonis Green™, Blue Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Grey, Tournament Blue™, Electric Blue, Marine Blue, Gold, Camel, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Black, and Purple.

➜ Simonis 760 SR™ - Olhausen Exclusive

More info

➜ Simonis 860® - The New Standard for Pool (Worsted)

  • Initially developed for 9-Ball.
  • Slightly slower than the #760 Blend.
  • Combed worsted wool, high thread count and higher wool content assure long lasting wear and reduced ball burning.
  • Nap-free... will not pill, fluff or shed.
  • Available in 66" and 78" widths.
  • Available in 27 colors: Simonis Green™, Blue Green, Petroleum Blue, English Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Powder Blue, Tournament Blue™, Electric Blue, Royal Blue, Marine Blue, Gold, Camel, Mocha, Olive, Espresso, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Fuchsia, Purple, Grey, Slate Grey, Black, Chartreuse, Orange, and Burnt Orange. (not all colors available in 66" and 78" rolls)
  • 860 info sheet... (1.5MB download PDF)


➜ Simonis Cloth for Billiard Factory - Exclusive

More info

➜ Simonis 300™ RAPIDE™
    International High-Speed Carom (Worsted)

  • The cloth that cannot be duplicated
  • Extra fine threads for high-speed play.
  • Combed worsted wool for long-lasting wear.
  • Nap-free... will not pill, fluff or shed.
  • Available in 78" wide.
  • Approved by International Carom Federation for tournament play.
  • Available in Blue-Green, Simonis Green™ and Delsa Blue (Electric Blue in limited quantity).

➜ Simonis/Strachan 6811 English Snooker (Woolen)

True directional nap Snooker cloth for snooker only.

  • 100% pure new wool ; (30 oz)
  • Width: 76" wide
  • Short directional nap Championship cloth. Very fast.
    • Directional nap Snooker cloth. The nap is to lay toward the foot end of the table. Thus, the cue ball rolls "with the nap" going down-table (break-shot) and "against the nap" going up-table. 
  • Available in English Green


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