Simonis Table Spots

Did you know that table spots are not only to mark the head and foot spots of the table, they actually help to protect the cloth from damage.

The foot spot is where the head ball of the rack is placed and this is where a table spot is most useful. On a break shot, the cue ball typically is airborne and is descending when it contacts the head ball of the rack. Since this object ball is bound in place by the balls behind it, the cue ball pounds this ball downward. This repeated pressure in the same spot can eventually wear a hole in the cloth at that point. While Simonis cloth is a tough worsted wool and provides good resistance against this damage anyway, a good table spot can prolong the life of the cloth by substantially decreasing the wear at the foot spot.

Simonis has specially made table spots that are made from woven fabric, are printed on flat sheets, are die-cut to size and are conveniently self-adhesive. The woven fabric provides the maximum protection against the wear described above, the printing on flat sheets and die-cutting ensures that the edges will not curl up after application, and the fact that they are self-adhering is very convenient. Contact your Simonis retailer for more information.

Nominal diameter= 1.375″ (35mm)
Nominal thickness = 0.005″ (0.125mm)
Available individually or in sheets of 10.

Please note: Simonis table spots are not for use on Teflon®-treated cloth as this treatment will not allow the spot to adhere properly to the cloth.

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