Iwan Simonis

Manufacturing superior quality cloths since 1680, Simonis has been and remains the reference standard for superior quality billiard cloth. 

You can rest assured that Simonis will remain at the forefront of billiard cloth manufacturing and technology, and will continue to provide the world with the truest playing cloths for cue-sports!

Simonis cloth is globally regarded as the best product of its kind.

Cloth is one of the most functional parts of your table. After all, the pool balls roll on the cloth, not the slate. Simonis cloth demonstrates its functional superiority by never interfering with the true roll of the ball, which allows every table covered in Simonis cloth to play better. 

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Simonis Cloth

A Complete Product.

  • The true reference standard for accuracy, consistency & durability
  • The only cloth that enhances your enjoyment of the game
  • A modern company built on over three centuries of experience
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing practices
  • The best value in pool, carom, snooker or pyramid cloth!
  • Brand recognition and loyalty earned through generations

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