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A Modern Company Built on Over Three Centuries of Experience...

Some people try to claim that they set standards for the billiard industry. However, Simonis set all the standards for billiard cloth over a century ago and today we remain the reference standard for all billiard cloths worldwide.

To stay on the cutting edge of technology, we acquire new production techniques and tools on a regular basis. With these we can accomplish two objectives: the constant improvement of the quality of our cloths and an increase in our productivity to satisfy our customers’ needs as quickly as possible.

For example, over the last five years, we have updated the equipment in all the production phases, from weaving, the first phase of manufacturing in our factory, through to the “la Perche” workshop at the end of the production line, which controls the quality of our finished products.

In order to ensure constant quality of our products and improve them yet further, we work closely with renowned independent European laboratories where we carry out extensive testing on the various technical parameters of our billiard cloths, such as speed, resistance, accuracy, durability and elasticity of our products. In addition, we allow these laboratories to come to our facilities to test and develop new technologies in real time.


Ours is the only company in the world exclusively dedicated to manufacturing billiard cloths. Therefore it is only natural that all our efforts are directed at improving the cloth which also improves the game for users, who can enjoy the very best in terms of playability and durability.

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