Simonis 760 SR™

Simonis 760 SR™ - The Stain Resistant Worsted Blend

  • Combed worsted wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear. 
  • Nap-free...will not pill, fluff or shed. 
  • Available exclusively through authorized Olhausen Dealers in the U.S. & Canada 
  • Available in 12 colors: 
    • Simonis Green™
    • Black
    • Burgundy
    • Camel
    • Dark Green
    • Gold
    • Grey
    • Red
    • Royal Blue
    • Spruce
    • Tournament Blue™
    • Wine

Olhausen Dealers

What you have been waiting for, a non-petrochemically treated stain-resistant Simonis cloth! While Simonis is naturally resistant to spills and stains due to its tight weave and high thread count, this product "seals the deal" with stain treatment built in during the manufacturing process and not sprayed-on later. 


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