Iwan Simonis Group to be Featured on Viewpoint

Recognized as the reference by amateur and professional pool players all around the world, Aramith balls and Simonis cloth are developed and manufactured in Belgium by the Iwan Simonis Group. The Belgian company is set to be featured on an upcoming episode of Viewpoint, the esteemed educational program hosted by actor Dennis Quaid.

The segment will explore the significance of pool as an America’s favorite pastime and will spotlight the Belgian Group’s commitment to promote and develop the practice of this beloved sport.  The pleasure to share a good time with family and friends at home, in a bar or in a pool room whatever your skill level.

The collaboration with the Iwan Simonis Group, celebrated for its exceptional products, will delve into how this historic Belgian company provides the most reliable and innovative equipment like the convertible dining table Fusiontables that converts into a 7-foot pool table within seconds to create cherished family and friends’ memories.

Ivan Lee, President & CEO of Iwan Simonis Incorporated: “It is a honor to participate in Viewpoint’s educational program. Our Belgian Group has been dedicated to the world of pool and billiards for centuries now. We hope this segment will encourage more people to get involved in this great sport.”

Filmed in February and being distributed from April to June on Public Television, viewers will also be provided with insights from pool table owners, pool room managers and professional players on how to choose the right equipment and its role in enhancing the overall playing experience.

About Viewpoint

The Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid show is a Telly award-winning documentary series. The program is dedicated to providing viewers with valuable insights and knowledge on a wide range of topics. It is distributed explicitly across public television stations nationwide and explores innovative ideas, advancements, and trends across various industries. As a respected educational platform, Viewpoint’s distribution imprint has an estimated household reach of 60 million.

About Iwan Simonis Group

Iwan Simonis Group is the leading manufacturer of high-quality billiard cloth, billiard balls and innovative dining pool tables. With a legacy dating back to the 17th century, the company is renowned for its fine Belgian craftsmanship resulting in the excellence and consistency of its products that enhance the playing experience of pool enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information about this upcoming Viewpoint’s episode and the Iwan Simonis Group’s products, please contact us via www.fusiontables.com/viewpoint